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More and more people are away from their home due to business obligations, vacations, or other personal matters. Since absentee homeowners aren’t easily available to handle emergencies, attend the overseeing of repairs, or perform basic errands, caring for a home can be a challenge. As well, most insurance companies require that someone check on a property at specific times, which can be a burden for absentee homeowners.

We will assist you in protecting and maintaining your investment, providing peace of mind while you are away.

What We Do As Your Certified Home Watch Provider

Whether you’re away for a few days or several months, don’t leave your property to chance. We will ensure that your home is secure and looks lived in as long as you are away.

A customized checklist of services will be created to meet your requirements. A partial list of our services has been provided below. If you need a service that you don’t see, please ask us. If we can’t do it, we know who can. Remember that We work for you as your agent. Our job is your peace of mind.

Weekly Home Check Services – We’ll be happy to walk in and around for a thorough inspection of your home to make sure all is as it should be.

Each inspection report is GPS and time stamped in real time. Reports are emailed directly to client at the end of each inspection. 

Bonded & Insured

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Our goal is to alleviate the worry of leaving your home and not knowing if everything is OK! Since every home and homeowner has their own unique personality, we treat each property with both standard and customized services based on specific needs. We create an individual, comprehensive check list including the interior and exterior of your home. After our inspection and consultation recommendations, the homeowner decides on weekly or bi-weekly inspections. A weekly or bi-weekly report is emailed the week of inspection with invoicing e-mailed at the end of each month.

Our clients range from 1000 SF condos to 10,000 SF homes and we maintain great communication and develop friendships. We appreciate our clients and their support and will do whatever is needed to keep their home in the best condition for their return visit. A worry free “arrival experience” makes for a pleasant stay!  

We eliminate the worry and hassle of managing your  home from a distance. Here is a partial list of services that we are pleased to provide our clients. Other services are always available upon request.

  • Interior and exterior property inspections;
  • Minor Handyman services;
  • Meeting service providers and vendors;
  • Welcome Home preparations and Bon Voyage exit preparations;
  • Retrieval and forwarding of mail and parcels;
  • Removal of newspapers, trash and recycling bins;
  • Pre and Post Storm inspections/Preparations
  • Other services are always available upon request.

Need other assistance managing your  home from a distance? We have an extensive network of service vendors that we utilize in managing properties. We always provide a monthly reconciliation of our services provided.

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We will inspect the exterior of the property for:

Check for vandalism, theft, storm or other damage, insect infestation and animal intrusion.
Collect mail, newspapers and fliers or solicitations that might be left on your property.
Landscape issues (dead or dying plants, grass, any branches, tumbleweeds or other items that need to be addressed).
Irrigation system (turn on and check for any major leaks).
Ensure all windows and doors are secure.
Check any exterior circuit breakers for any tripped breakers.
Additionally, if you have a pool or hot tub we can do visual inspections with report.


We will inspect the interior of your home for:

Check and test smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors (replace batteries as needed).
Check inside circuit breakers in house or garage for any tripped breakers.
Check air conditioning system for operation.
Check all refrigerators and freezers for current temperature and operation(upon request)
Check stove and oven for operation(upon request)
Check garage door openers for proper operation.
Check windows, doors and all interior lighting.
Run water in all of the following: sinks, dishwashers, tubs, toilets, and washing machines and check for any leaks (upon request)
Hot Water Heater.


Custom Services

Start Vehicles - tender charge battery
Start Golf Carts - tender charge battery
Provide access for vendors (remain on site as needed)
Shipment pickups
Prepare home for your arrival
Water Interior Plants
Basic handyman Services
Pressure Washing
Storm Prep (click here)
Other Concierge Services (if there is something not listed that you need done, we can discuss it)